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Excavator work
State of play of structures
Removal of a tree of 40 meters

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Protection against Natural Hazards
Works of Protection against Natural Hazards

Protection against rock falls:

Purge - Slaughter - land clearing - Stumping - Blasting, micro blasting, mining - Wire guard hanged or pressed - Nets metal, stone guard - Anchor - nailing - Shotcrete, concrete buttresses.

Avalanche protection, Firewall Snow:

Triggers avalanches (Gazex) - Nets / Racks avalanche - Snow fences - Racks snow.

Mining of a cornice at the top of Col du Glandon


Extract from the Dauphine Libere

Release the Glandon

Snow expected today will not make it easier for teams that are activated to open the passes Savoy.
Yesterday, the huge cornice over 300 meters long dominating the last laces for Col du Glandon collapsed after being mined
using 600 kilos of explosives.
The operation. conducted by agents of TDL (Territory of local development) and the Maurienne CITEM,
aimed to secure the route prior to passage of strawberries, which will tackle the large amounts of snow
this fell hiv e r. The countdown has started, hoping to reach the pass before the end of May.
In an upcoming edition of the Dauphine Libere, we return to this operation and on economic issues of the éneigement
collars, marking the beginning of the summer tourist season. Remains to clear snow from the Mont Cenis, the Iron Cross, Roselend. Glandon, Madeleine,
Little St. Bernard. Article of the DL
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