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work with platform



work with platform

Work platform:

We make for you all your applications work on platform. Equipped with buckets of up to 25 meters high. Equipped with electric or diesel motors, we respond to all requests and internal or external. We operate in the mountains, downtown, shopping centers, wherever the work requires a high access difficult. We respond quickly to your requests. early intervention, we answer this! Contact us, we answer all your applications work with nacelle.


Nacelles used

 - Vertical mast lifts, also known as Toucan, is an aerial platform power, very compact (99cm wide) which can reach heights up to 12m.
 - Platforms electric propelled from 6 meters to 10 meters, elevation of people to carry out work at height with direct access.
 - Platform 13 m spider hybrid, versatile material for the realization of work at height in cramped and difficult to access.
 - Platforms Electrical up to 15 m, elevation of persons to carry out work at heights inaccessible, requiring around obstacles and a large
 offset. silent.
 - Platforms diesel up to 25 meters, rising to persons carrying out work at heights inaccessible, requiring around obstacles and a large



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