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One of our many activities is drilling. We are specialist mechanized drilling in mountain environments and difficult to access. Our clients are individuals, professionals and communities. We use a wall with an arrow Man1scopique 25 meter equipped with a drill for drilling from 76 to 105 mm. We operate in Savoie, Haute Savoie, Isere, Rhone-Alps and throughout France. We also use to create columns drilling anchors and confortements floor. These portable drilling machines of 900 Kg used in walls are equipped with a column of 1.90 meters, equipped with an air motor of a pair of 60m/Kg and operating at a speed from 0 to 75 rev / min.




Materials used in drilling

 Man1scopique with 25 meter boom equipped with a drill for drilling from 76 to 105 mm.

 Lightweight pneumatic drilling rig type 61.

 Drill string STENUICK, equipped with a downhole hammer diamètre105 equipment with up to 35 m (Including ODEX method).

 Column drilling Maniscopique.

 BADGER drill, equipped with a downhole hammer 64 to 90mm diameter.

 etc ...



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