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Tree felling - clearing

Elagage avec nacelle

Summer Special
This spring CITEM think.
Our team is ready for you this summer?

Our expertise:
- Tree pruning
- Arborist rope and bucket

Our team is specialized to work on strings.
We have boats, up to 25 meters in height. Ideal for cutting large tree heights and access diffcult.
Our range for pruning is Rhône-Alpes. We operate within 24 hours in case of emergency.
This summer enjoy your garden safe!

For pruning, two working methods
- Pruning Manual: rope access our specialized skills involved in you after all sécuristé marked dangerous areas.

- Pruning of platform: work on motorized boat up to 25 meters in height. May be supplemented by a manual intervention as needed.


What does the regulation

Is it mandatory élager?

Maintenance obligations and pruning

1 - Every owner is required to cut the branches of the trees that exceed its neighbor, at the boundary separating.
2 - The neighbor has no right to cut himself branches sticking out.
But it has the absolute right to demand that they be cut at the boundary separating. (Right who never lost - Civil Cassation September 17, 1975), even though pruning can cause the death of said shaft. (Supreme Civil, 16 January 1991. Bedroom 3).
3 - In the context of leasing, maintenance and pruning are the responsibility of the tenant. (Decree of 26 August 1987).
4 - The obligation of the size of a hedge can be deferred to a later date, to make this last for a good time. (Court of Appeal of Paris, 27 September 1989)

Attention also falls dead trees

Elager to avert disaster!

You need to work délagage your trees, please contact us.



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