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Acrobatics works :

The acrobatic work, now renamed difficilles access work, means all work at height and so perilous. This work is done by our professional team specialized in work on ropes or scaffolding. Example of acrobatic work: setting up nets on rock, protection against rockfall, setting up banner on commercial buildings, mining blocks on dangerous walls.

Staff are often recruited through their mountaineering skills and climbing. We work on ropes from the cliffs but also the industrial and commercial buildings. We use the latest equipment safety standards and high technology to ensure lightness and maneuverability.


Definition of acrobatic work (often called work 'acro')

Implementation of belaying technique and progression used in mountaineering and caving, or installation of scaffolding or the use of a pod is impossible.

The intervention of strings is provided by our staff from the business of the mountain (guides, ski instructors, ski patrollers, sherpas), they are trained and experienced in the techniques necessary action in alpine method. Trust our team! we are professional acrobatic work!


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