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Pose de Banderolles

Laying of banners:

CITEM is specialized in the installation of banners.
Laying banners on buildings commercial, industrial, in a mountain environment, our team has answers.
We design your banner and we support you with applications for authorization of public services.
Our expertise in the field of work at height and event is a great asset to your requests for display in urban areas.
Our specialty is working at height and difficult access, this is the reason why we are meeting all demands of the industry events.


> You have a request for installation of banners



Working in both the urgency of planned intervention, CITEM meets present throughout the national territory with the same interests and professionalism which enabled him to obtain, in particular, three-year contracts of the department of Savoie repeatedly and maintenance contracts of Gazex (Gazex Belleville General Council of Savoie, DIR Gazex Pyrenees South West Park Recreation Gazex Deux Alpes Isère).

Its activity is divided into four departments Pricipals:

Works of Protection against Natural Hazards

Protection against rock falls:

Purge - Slaughter - land clearing - Stumping - Blasting, micro blasting, mining - Wire guard hanged or pressed - Nets metal, stone guard - Anchor - nailing - Shotcrete, concrete buttresses.

Avalanche protection, Firewall Snow:

Triggers avalanches (Gazex) - Nets / Racks avalanche - Snow fences - Racks snow.

Difficult access to work / Events

All work requiring access method in Alpine:

Special works of great height (Monuments, Historical Monuments, Buildings, Bridge suspended, Surge / lightning protection, snow removal from roofs, installation of satellite dishes ...)

Events (Assistance by our mountaineering guides, positioning of banners, flags ...)

work Schedules

Assistance cliff - Work on penstocks - Installation of handrail - Construction of bridges, creation of mountain trails with appropriate signage ...


Annual maintenance of all our works

Rockfall, avalanche, Gazex




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